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Maithili cinema refers to the cinema of Mithila region of India and Nepal.

History[change | change source]

The first Maithili movie was Kanyadan (released in 1965 & Directed by Phani Majumdar), of which a significant portion was made in the Maithili language.The film’s story in which the protagonist doesnot know Maithili language but decided to learn maithili as his wifeknows only Maithili language.Another maithili movie “Mamta Gaave Geet” was released in 70’s and became very popular due to the melodious songs and good storyline.But after that no serious effort was done to make a maithil melodrama.But then 3 films were made and got success on the box office like sasta jingi mahag senur, aau piya hamar nagri, senurak laaj etc.

Change of Environment[change | change source]

After many years in 1999 a new maithili film “Sasta Jindagi Mehga Sindur” appeared in the scene.This film by director Balkrishna Jha broke all success records and was widely a big hit.This maithili film’s songs were played in many village fairs and other maithil gatherings.

Famous playback singer “Udit Narayan” also produced a Maithili film named “Eejot” (ray of light) but , despite the good songs the film fall flat on the box office due to a bad script . In 2007 November another maithili film “Sindurdan” was released the film was quickly widrawn from theatres due to some sound problem.The producer’s have re-released the film now with a correction and new songs added.

Popular Maithili Movies[change | change source]

  • Kanyadan (1960)
  • Mamta Gabe Geet (1970)
  • Sasta Jinagi Mahag Sinoor(1999)
  • Garibak Beti (2004)
  • Senurak Laaj (2005)
  • Dularua Babu (2006)
  • Kakhan Harab Dukh Mor(2006

(based on Vidyapati's life)

  • Suhagin (2008)
  • Sindurdaan
  • Nayak karz
  • Khurluchchi
  • Deewana Ahan ke Pyar Me
  • Half Murder(2014)
  • Hero Tohar Deewana
  • Bhauji Maay
  • Lalka Paag
  • Mithila Makhaan
  • Premak Basat
  • Love you Dulhin
  • Hum Laxmi Aahan Anganak (upcoming)
  • Gamak Ghar

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