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Hyphaene petersiana
Hyphaene petersiana

Makalani is the name given to a certain palm tree, growing in northern Namibia (Southern Africa). The local Owambo people call a full grown palm tree "Omulunga" and a sapling "Oshivale." These palm trees grow very high and it takes many years for a Makalani sapling to grow into a full-grown tree.

The seeds look like small coconuts, and the local people, the Owambos and Himbas, peel the outer ginger looking skin and carve the inner hard core to certain objects of art. The inner core is white with a dark brown skin, the size of a golf ball, and it is hollow inside. The Makalani fruit (Ondunga/Onduga)is very useful to the local people. It can be eaten and can also be used to brew Ombike/Owalende: the Oshiwambo brew that looks and taste similar to Whiskey. There are now also some hotels, restaurants, and guesthouses which have adopted the name Makalani (in Namibia). These include Makalani Sugar processors, Makalani Holdings and Makalani Airtime Distributors.