Mariner 4

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Mariner 4
Mariner 3 and 4.jpg
Organization: NASA
Mission type: Fly-by
Flyby of: Mars
Launch date: November 28, 1964
Launch vehicle: Atlas-Agena D
NSSDC ID: 1964-077A

Mariner 4 was a NASA spacecraft. It was the fourth spacecraft in the Mariner program. It was sent to study the planet Mars. It was the first successful mission to Mars. The spacecraft was launched on November 28, 1964 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Mariner 4 reached Mars after an eight-month journey. The spacecraft became the first spacecraft to take close-up photographs of another planet. The spacecraft also had other instruments to study the atmosphere of Mars.

The total cost of the Mariner 4 mission is estimated at $83.2 million. Total research, development, launch, and support costs for the Mariner series of spacecraft (Mariners 1 through 10) was approximately $554 million.

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