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Dawn Flight Configuration 2.jpg
Artist's concept of Dawn with Vesta (left) & Ceres (right) (the proximity of Vesta to Ceres is not to scale.)
Organization: NASA
Mission type: Flyby / Orbiter
Flyby of: Mars (February 4, 2009)
Satellite of: Vesta (currently)
Ceres (planned)
Orbital insertion date: Vesta: July 2011
Ceres: February 2015 (planned)
Launch date: 2007-09-27
(&&&&&&&&&&&&&&07.&&&&&07 years, &&&&&&&&&&&&0186.&&&&&0186 days ago)
Launch vehicle: Delta 7925-H
Launch site: Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
Mission duration: Until July 2015
Webpage: dawn.jpl.nasa.gov

Dawn is an unmanned NASA space probe.[1] It has orbited and studied the asteroid Vesta, which is in the asteroid belt.[1]

Dawn was launched on September 27, 2007[1][2][3][4] at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station aboard a Delta 7925-H rocket.[2][3] It then travelled to Mars for a gravity assist, making its closest approach to Mars on February 2009.[1]

One of the photos Dawn took of Vesta

Next, Dawn set off for Vesta.[1] It went into orbit in July, 2011.[1] In September 2012, Dawn left Vesta and headed for Ceres,[1] a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt. The space probe should start orbiting Ceres in February 2015.[1][4][5] By the time Dawn reaches Ceres, it will have travelled 5.1 billion km.[4]

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