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Mast Chacha at Satara

A Mast-Allah is a kind of spiritual person in the part of the Muslim religion called Sufism. Masts sometimes seem strange or crazy to people who don't know about them, but Sufis of Iran, Pakistan, and India believe they are not really crazy, but are saints.

The Indian teacher Meher Baba asked a doctor named William Donkin to write a book about masts called "The Wayfarers." Wayfarer means wanderer, and the book's title implied that masts are on a spiritual journey. Meher Baba wrote the introduction of the book. In his introduction Meher Baba explained that masts are traveling along an internal path and are lost because they are so dazzled (amazed) by the sights they see. They are so amazed and dazzled by these sights they see that they forget how to act normally. So Meher Baba says they are like people who are drunk, only the masts are not drunk on alcohol but on God and are very close to God.

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