Masud Ghnaim

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Masud Ghnaim

Masud Ghnaim, Arab: مسعود غنايم , Hebrew: מסעוד גנאים , (born February 14, 1965) is an Israeli politician. He was political leader of Ra'am ("The United Arab List").

Ghnaim is an Arab Israeli and a Muslim.

He obtained a BA in the history of the Middle East at Haifa University and then worked in the fields of education and culture. He joined the Islamic Movement in Israel and chose the moderate division of this Islamist movement, called the Southern Branch and one of the forerunners of Ra'am.

In 2003 he entered local politics by sitting on the city council of his hometown, Sakhnin, until 2005. He then entered national politics by becoming a member of Knesset in 2009. Since 2015 he had both been leader of the Ra'am party and a politician in The Joint List of four parties. He left the Knesset after the elections of April 2019.

Ghnaim wants Israel to be changed into an Islamic caliphate and supports the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah coalition.

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