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McDonaldland was a "fake" cartoon land made by the fast food restaurant, McDonald's. McDonaldland was used in commercials, which are short clips on TV to sell things. McDonaldland was used to sell McDonald's Happy Meals (the kid's meal). The McDonaldland people were Big Mac, Birdie, Captain Crook, CosMc, Fry kids, Grimace, Hamburglar, Iam Hungry, and some others. The main person is Ronald McDonald. McDonald's got sued (a case for money) by a company that said everything in McDonaldland was a ripoff (copy with little difference) of their TV show. McDonald's gave them one million dollars and lost many of the people who were in the commercials. 4 were left and they were in the real world instead of a cartoon land. Now in later years, Ronald has been in the commercials by himself without any of the McDonaldland people.