Ronald McDonald

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Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald is a clown character who is a mascot of the McDonald's fast-food restaurant. He wears yellow and red stipes and has wacky hair. He lives in McDonaldland, with lots of others including Grimace, the Hamburglar, Birdie the Early Bird, Mayor McCheese, and the Fry Kids.

The clown Michael Polakovs (known in America as Coco the Clown) designed his clothes and make-up. He appeared in the first eight of Ronald's television commercials.[1] The actor Jeff Giuliano played Ronald McDonald for many years on television. Later he became a vegetarian, and was sorry he had spent so much time promoting hamburgers.

Actors[change | change source]

McDonald's has many actors employed to portray Ronald McDonald in restaurants and events. It is assumed, however, that the company uses only one actor at a time to play the character in television commercials. This is a list of these main actors:

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