Ministry of Internal Affairs (Russia)

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The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation (MVD; Russian: Министерство внутренних дел [МВД], Ministerstvo vnutrennikh del) is the interior ministry of Russia.[1][2]

The MVD is responsible for law enforcement in Russia through its agencies the Police of Russia, Migration Affairs, Drugs Control, Traffic Safety, the Centre for Combating Extremism, and the Investigative Department.[3][4]

The MVD is headquartered in Yakimanka, Moscow.

Vladimir Kolokoltsev has been the Minister of Internal Affairs since 2012.

List of ministers (since 1992)[change | change source]

Minister Party Term of office President
General of the army
Viktor Yerin
Independent 15 January 1992 30 June 1995 Boris Yeltsin
General of the army
Anatoly Kulikov
Independent 7 July 1995 23 March 1998
Colonel general
Pavel Maslov
Independent 23 March 1998 30 March 1998
Colonel general
Sergei Stepashin
Independent 30 March 1998 12 May 1999
Colonel general
Vladimir Vasilyev
Independent 12 May 1999 21 May 1999
Colonel general
Vladimir Rushailo
Independent 21 May 1999 28 March 2001
Vladimir Putin
Boris Gryzlov United Russia 28 March 2001 24 December 2003
General of the army
Rashid Nurgaliyev
United Russia 24 December 2003 21 May 2012
Dmitry Medvedev
General of the police
Vladimir Kolokoltsev
United Russia 21 May 2012 Incumbent Vladimir Putin

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