Moe Szyslak

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The Simpsons character
Moe Szyslak
Gender Male
Job Owner and proprietor of Moe's Tavern
Voice actor Christopher Collins (Original)
Hank Azaria (Current)
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First appearance
"Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"

Moe Szyslak is a fictional character on the long running TV show The Simpsons. His voice is performed by Hank Azaria. He is the bartender of Moe's Tavern. He speaks with a rough voice.

Role in The Simpsons[change | change source]

Moe is the owner and only worker at Moe's Tavern. On some occasions he has had temporary help. The most notable of these occasions being in "Homer the Moe". His two most loyal customers are Barney Gumble and Homer Simpson.

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