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The "Momo Challenge" is a hoax and urban legend about a social media challenge that didn’t exist. It was mainly spread on Facebook.[1] The hoax says that victims are made to contact a "Momo" account through social media network WhatsApp. If they do, they get violent images, graphic threats and are told to do dangerous things, including suicide, record it on video and send it to "Momo". They might also say they are going to make their personal information public, hurt their family members, and some are even threatened with curses. An image of a woman with large eyes and mouth, which was shocking to some people, was used with the hoax.[2]

The hoax made people believe the "challenge" had caused many suicides, including one in Argentina, but this is not true according to police.[3][4] The image used by Momo accounts is actually of a sculpture made by a Japanese artist, but some people thought it was a mask or makeup.[5]

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