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Monas or National Monument (Indonesian: Monumen Nasional) is a 450 ft tall monument in Jakarta, Indonesia.

National Monument at noon
The National Monument at daytime.

It represents the spirit of the Indonesians to fight for their independence. The construction began at 1961 under Soekarno and was finished at 1975 under Soeharto's reign. It was made of marble with the top consisting of a 14.5 tons flame-shaped bronze coated with 35 kilograms of gold.

Interior[change | change source]

This monument has several museums such as The Freedom Hall and the Hall of Contemplation. The Freedom Hall tells the story about the struggle of Indonesians for their freedom while the Hall of Contemplation displays the Declaration of Independence and the recording of the speech. Inside there are lifts to the observation platform where one can see a bird's eye-view of the city of Jakarta. The size of the platform is 11x11 and has the capability to hold up to 50 peoples.

National Monument during the 2007 independence day
The National Monument with Indonesian flag during 2007 independence day.

It represents the spirit of the Indonesians to fight for their independence.

Those who are coming to Monas, can come in via the entrance around the Medan Merdeka Park Plaza, at the Northern area of Monas. In that area there is a fountain and a statue of Prince Diponegoro riding a horse. This statue is made of 8 ton bronze sculpted by Italian artist Prof. Coberlato.

Admission[change | change source]

The admission to enter the halls are free. The lift to go to the top, however, costs 5,100 Rupiahs for adult and 2,600 Rupiahs for children.[1]

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