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A mother is a female parent which gives birth to the baby after bearing and nurturing the baby in her womb for a period of nine months.


The Process of Motherhood[change | change source]

A female can become mother only upon doing sexual intercourse with a male. During this sexual intercourse, the male sexual part is inserted into female vagina till the G-spot. This causes the female to orgasm thereby making it possible the union of masculine and feminine energies. As a result of this sexual intercourse, the female gets pregnant that is she bears the child embryo in her womb. Thereafter, the baby grows and matures physically inside the mother's womb for a period of nine months. Upon the end of approximately nine months of period, the mother finally delivers the baby. The period of delivery may or may not exactly be nine months. Owing to the medical condition of the mother, the delivery can get delayed or can happen earlier before the completion of nine months.

Breast Feeding[change | change source]

After the birth of baby, breastfeeding is a vital aspect of growing up the baby. As no other food is suitable for the new born baby, mother's milk forms an essential and the only suitable diet for the baby for few months. The breasts of mother produce the milk which is consumed by the baby for nutrition. Breastfeeding refers to the activity of baby sucking the nipples of mother's breasts for drinking milk.

Other names for Mother[change | change source]

  • In American English, other common words for mother are "Mom," "Mommy," Momma" and "Ma."
  • In British English, "Mum" and "Mummy" are usually used instead of "Mom" and "Mommy". Another variant, often found in the North of England, particularly Yorkshire and Lancashire, is "Mam".
  • In Irish English, "Mam", "Mammy are most common, often "Mother" or her first name is said, another varient in Dublin is "Ma" (with a hard A).
  • In Australian English, "Mum", "Mother", "Mummy" and "Mother dearest".
  • In Indonesian, "Ibu", "Emak", "Bunda".
  • In Filipino, "Nanay", "Ina"
  • In German "Mama", "Mutter"

Madre is Mother in Spanish. Mamma or Mor is Mother in Norwegian. Mater is Mother in Latin. ' Mutter is Mother in German. Mat is Mother in Russian. Mama is mother in Swahili