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Painting of a mother putting her child to bed

A mother is a female parent (a male parent is called a father). A mother gives birth to a child.

Other names for Mother[change | change source]

  • In American English, other common words for mother are "Mom," "Mommy," Momma" and "Ma."
  • In British English, "Mum" and "Mummy" are usually used instead of "Mom" and "Mommy". Another variant, often found in the North of England, particularly Yorkshire and Lancashire, is "Mam".
  • In Irish English, "Mam", "Mammy are most common, often "Mother" or her first name is said, another varient in Dublin is "Ma" (with a hard A).
  • In Australian English, "Mum", "Mother", "Mummy" and "Mother dearest".
  • In Indonesian, "Ibu", "Emak", "Bunda".
  • In Filipino, "Nanay", "Ina"
  • In German "Mama", "Mutter"

Madre is Mother in Spanish. Mamma or Mor is Mother in Norwegian. Mater is Mother in Latin. ' Mutter is Mother in German. Mat is Mother in Russian. Mama is mother in Swahili