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A grandson and his grandparents

The term grandparent means the parents of a person's parents. The term grandparent is used for both male and female genders. The male grandparent is a grandfather. The female grandparent is a grandmother.

When looking at the relationship from the point of view of the grandparent, the term grandchild is used. A grandchild is the child of a person's child. It can also be used based on gender. Grandchild is correct for either gender. Grandson is male. Granddaughter is female.

Example of Grandparent/Grandchild[change | change source]

For example: Bob has a son named Rick that son has 2 children, a boy (Bill) and a girl (Mary). Bob is the grandfather (male grandparent) of both Bill and Mary. Bill is the grandson (male grandchild) of Bob, and Mary is the granddaughter (female grandchild) of Bob. Rick's mom would be the grandmother (female grandparent) of both Mary and Bill.

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