Nuclear family

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Husband, wife and two children travelling together in Egypt (2017).

A nuclear family is a type of family unit. It is made up of a husband, a wife, and their children. Not everyone agrees on what a nuclear family is. Some people say that a nuclear family does not include stepchildren or adopted children.[1] Others say that a nuclear family may include stepchildren or adopted children.[2] A nuclear family is a part of an extended family.

History[change | change source]

The term nuclear family was first used in 1947.[3] However, people have lived in nuclear families for thousands of years. In 2005, archaeologists discovered four 4,600-year-old graves in Germany. Several adults and children who were related were buried in these graves.[4] Researchers think that this proves that people lived in nuclear families a long time ago.

During and before the medieval period in Europe, large family groups, such as clans, were most common.[5] By the late medieval period, the nuclear family had become most common.[5]

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