Mount Zion

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Mount Zion
Hebrew: Har Tsiyyon
view of Mount Zion
Highest point
Elevation765 m (2,510 ft)
ListingJudaean Mountains

Mount Zion (Hebrew: הר צִיּוֹן, Har Tsiyyon; Arabic: جبل صهيون, Jabel Sahyoun) is a hill in the south-west corner of the Old City of Jerusalem. It is an extension of Temple Mount. There are a lot of churches and many little Christians and Jewish cemeteries in the area of Mount Zion. Half of the Mount Zion is in the Old City, in the Jewish and Armenian Quarters. The grave of King David is at the top of Mount Zion.

In the past there was a small cable car that connected the mountain to the valley below and the Old City. Today the cable car room is a museum inside an old hospital building.

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