Mutual Broadcasting System

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Mutual Broadcasting System
Mutual Broadcasting Company
TypeCooperative radio network (1934–52); corporate-controlled radio network (1952–99)
United States United States (and Windsor Ontario, Canada)
FoundedSeptember 29, 1934 (organized); October 29, 1934 (incorporated)
DissolvedApril 17, 1999
Former names
Quality Network
Affiliates4 founders (1934); 104 (1938); 384 (1945); 543 (1950); 443 (1960); 950 (1979); 810 (1985)

The Mutual Broadcasting System was an American radio network. It broadcast radio shows from 1934 to 1999. It was also called Mutual Broadcasting Company; Mutual; or the Mutual Broadcasting System, Inc.

Mutual broadcast radio shows, such as The Lone Ranger, The Adventures of Superman, and The Shadow. It broadcast baseball games, including the All-Star Game and World Series, and football games for the University of Notre Dame. From 1978 to 1994, it broadcast the Larry King Show.[1]

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