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Created byHajime Yatate
Anime television series
Directed byMasakazu Obara
Written byHiroyuki Yoshino
Music byYuki Kajiura
Yuriko Kaida (Vocals)
Licensed by
Original networkTV Aichi, TV Osaka, TV Tokyo
Original run October 6, 2005 March 30, 2006
Episodes26 + 10 specials (List of episodes)
Original video animation
My-Otome: The Holy Maiden's Prayer
ReleasedMarch 26, 2010
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My-Otome (舞-乙HiME, Mai-Otome) is an anime made by the Sunrise Inc.. This is similar to My-HiME, as My-Otome has the same characters, but even they have different personalities.

Story[change | change source]

In the future, people live in planet Earl. Machines called nanomachines still keep the technology from the past. Nanomachines are used to give power to Otomes (Girls), who train in a school called Garderobe academy. The Garderobe academy train Otomes to become Meister Otomes (Dancing Star Girls), who protect their Masters - usually royal people of different kingdoms in Earl.

A woman called Rena Searrs is an Otome, who had lost her powers because of having a baby. She fights to protect her Master, a king from Windbloom, and hangs her necklace to the daughter of the king, floating her away in a casket at a river.

14 years later, Arika Yumemiya goes to Garderobe to become an Otome like her mother, who she does not know very much about. She enters the school and when she finds many things which disturb her from being an Otome because of her past, she tries to bear it with her cheerfulness. This story is about how Arika will begin to understand the meaning of being an Otome and how she will save the world from the legendary Harmonium's power.

My-Otome terms[change | change source]

This is the list of My-Otome's fictional words or phrases.

Otome[change | change source]

Otomes (Girls) are powerful girls of Earl, a future planet. Otomes are given money for 100 soldiers, because they are as strong as 100 soldiers put together. They train in a school called Garderobe, and when they graduate, they become Meisters (Dancing Star Girls). Otomes can only materialise when their master kisses their earring.

Otomes can also become one of the Five Pillars, who do not need masters to materialise.

Master[change | change source]

When a royal person makes a contract with an otome, he or she becomes the master of the otome. Otomes can only materialise if the Master kisses them. The Master has to share a life with his or her otome, so when the otome dies, the Master dies, and when the Master dies, the otome dies.

Five Pillars[change | change source]

The Five Pillars are the five otomes who use the Shinsou, so they do not need a master.

Shinsou[change | change source]

The Shinsou is a source who makes the Five Pillars materialise. There is only one Shinsou.

Nanomachine[change | change source]

A Nanomachine is a machine from the past which puts a Robe inside the otomes' bodies, so that the Robe shows when they materialise. An earring connects to the Nanomachines. But the Nanomachine has a weakness to males semen. This means that if an otome has sex with a male she will not be able to materialise any more, and will stop becoming otomes, because she lost her power.

When a Master kisses an otome's earring, the otome can materialise because the Nanomachine absorbs the heat from the Master's lips, absorbing the Master's power. This is why a Master must share a life with the otome.

Nano means small, so Nanomachine means a machine which puts things into the body's small cells.

Gem[change | change source]

A gem is a jewel which the Master and otome can use to make a contract with each other. There are two same gems: one for the Master on his or her ring and one for the otome, for her earring. From then on, the earring on the otomes are kissed by their Masters to materialise. Stronger Otome's can also kiss there gem to give them permission to Materialise.

Material means an object, and materialise means that a hidden object has shown itself. In My-Otome, materialising is when the Robe (Combat Suit) inside the Otomes are released, so that they can fight.

Slave Monster[change | change source]

A Slave Monster is an evil robot which is controlled by a Slave Master.

Slave Master[change | change source]

Like a Master, a Slave Master shares a life with its protector. Instead of otomes, they have a Slave Monster and they do not need a contract to materialise them, as Slave Monsters do not materialise. The Slave Master has to call the Slave Monster by using the Slave Crystal and give a pledge to the God of Wisdom, that they believe in his wisdom, and to call out a loyal slave for them. A Slave Master must always listen to the Slave leader, who is John Smith in My-Otome.

Slave Crystal[change | change source]

A Slave Crystal is a diamond-shaped crystal. To call out a Slave Monster, a Slave Master must put blood into the crystal by pushing his or her thumb to the crystal and pledging.

Harmonium[change | change source]

A harmonium is a musical instrument which opens up only for a protector, creator or a sword. Inside is a piano which can only be played when all the three conditions stepped onto its staircase. The piano makes the players have anything they desire or want to have.

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