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The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America gives awards for good Science Fiction writing. Each year they give the '“Nebula Award for Best Short Story”'. In this list, the year means the year that the book was published; awards are given the next year. The first title is the winner. Titles below the winner are other nominees (stories that were suggested as possible winners).

Winners and nominees[change | change source]

Year Winner Other nominees
1965 "Repent, Harlequin!" Said the Ticktockman
by Harlan Ellison
1966 The Secret Place
by Richard McKenna
1967 "Aye, and Gomorrah…"
by Samuel R. Delany
1968 The Planners
by Kate Wilhelm
1969 Passengers
by Robert Silverberg
1970 (no award)
1971 Good News from the Vatican
by Robert Silverberg
1972 When It Changed
by Joanna Russ
1973 Love Is the Plan the Plan Is Death
by James Tiptree, Jr.
1974 The Day Before the Revolution
by Ursula K. Le Guin
1975 Catch That Zeppelin!
by Fritz Leiber
1976 A Crowd of Shadows
by Charles L. Grant
1977 Jeffty Is Five
by Harlan Ellison
1978 Stone
by Edward Bryant
1979 giANTS
by Edward Bryant
1980 Grotto of the Dancing Deer
by Clifford D. Simak
1981 The Bone Flute
by Lisa Tuttle (refused)
1982 A Letter from the Clearys
by Connie Willis
1983 The Peacemaker
by Gardner Dozois
1984 Morning Child
by Gardner Dozois
1985 Out of All Them Bright Stars
by Nancy Kress
1986 Tangents
by Greg Bear
1987 Forever Yours, Anna
by Kate Wilhelm
1988 Bible Stories for Adults, No. 17: The Deluge
by James Morrow
1989 Ripples in the Dirac Sea
by Geoffrey A. Landis
1990 Bears Discover Fire
by Terry Bisson
1991 Ma Qui
by Alan Brennert
1992 Even the Queen
by Connie Willis
1993 Graves
by Joe Haldeman
1994 A Defense of the Social Contracts
by Martha Soukup[1]
1995 Death and the Librarian
by Esther Friesner
1996 A Birthday
by Esther Friesner
1997 Sister Emily's Lightship
by Jane Yolen
1998 Thirteen Ways to Water
by Bruce Holland Rogers
1999 The Cost of Doing Business
by Leslie What
2000 macs
by Terry Bisson
2001 The Cure for Everything
by Severna Park
2002 Creature
by Carol Emshwiller
2003 What I Didn't See
by Karen Joy Fowler
2004 Coming to Terms
by Eileen Gunn
2005 I Live With You
by Carol Emshwiller[2]
2006[3] Echo
by Elizabeth Hand
2007[4] Always
by Karen Joy Fowler[5]
2008[6][7] "Trophy Wives"
by Nina Kiriki Hoffman[8]
2009[9] "Spar" by Kij Johnson[10]

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