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Map of human races (Meyers Konversations-Lexikon, 1885–1890)
Caucasoid:     Aryans     Semitic     Hamitic
Negroid:     African Negro     Khoikhoi     Melanesian     Negrito     Australoid
Uncertain:     Dravida & Sinhalese
Mongoloid:     North Mongol     Chinese & Indochinese     Korean & Japanese     Tibetan & Burmese     Malay     Polynesian     Maori     Micronesian     Eskimo & Inuit     American

Negroid or Congoid is a word that was used to refer to people which lived in Sub-Saharan Africa, or which descended from people living there. It is one of several postulated "races" of human beings. It was one of the three "greater races", the other two were Europoid (or Caucasian), and Mongoloid.

Today, the word should no longer be used, as it also has connotations of racism, and links to colonialism and slavery. In a scientific context, the word cannot be used, either. It suggests that people have the same phenotype just because they look very similar. Features such as a wider nose, curly hair, and dark skin were seen as typical for the Negroid race.