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Nellore is a city in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is located in the banks of Penna River. It is the fourth most populous city in Andhra Pradesh. The city is well known for agriculture and aquaculture.It is the headquarters of the Nellore district. The total population of the city is 600,869.Density is 4000/km2.[1]

The name is said to be taken from Purana that depicts, a linga under the Nelli tree(Amla or Indian gooseberry). From then the place is called as Nelli-ooru then the name emerged as Nellore. It is said that the city existed since the Mauryan dynasty.

The main economy of the city is based on agriculture and aquaculture. The main productive is Shrimp culturing.The Nellore city is located near the coastal region of Bay of Bengal.[2]

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