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Coat of arms of Neuwied
Neuwied is located in Germany
Coordinates 50°25′43″N 7°27′41″E / 50.42861°N 7.46139°E / 50.42861; 7.46139
Country Germany
State Rhineland-Palatinate
District Neuwied
Town subdivisions 13 Stadtteile
Lord Mayor Nikolaus Roth (SPD)
Basic statistics
Area 86.50 km2 (33.40 sq mi)
Elevation 60 m  (197 ft)
Population 65,750  (31 December 2006)
 - Density 760 /km2 (1,969 /sq mi)
Other information
Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Licence plate NR
Postal codes 56501–56567
Area codes 02631 und 02622

Neuwied is a German town in Rhineland-Palatinate. It is on the north/west side of the Rhine River, about 10 km (6.2 mi) northwest from Koblenz. About 70,000 people live there.

Geography[change | change source]

The 86,5 square kilometres of area are divided in the districts of:

  • Altwied
  • Block
  • Engers
  • Feldkirchen
  • Gladbach
  • Heimbach-Weis
  • Irlich
  • Niederbieber
  • Oberbieber
  • Rodenbach
  • Segendorf
  • Torney

Infrastructure[change | change source]

Neuwied is connected to the German network of Bundesstraßen (national routes) (here: B9, B42 and B256). The Autobahnen (motorways) A3, A48 and A61 are quickly reachable from Neuwied. Using the Koblenz main station, all rhine railways and the Intercity network of Germany are available.

Industry[change | change source]

There is a lot of industry in Neuwied, for example the production of building materials, metals and big-sized machines.