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Niederraunau from northwest

Niederraunau is a quarter of the town Krumbach in Günzburg (district), Swabia, Bavaria, Germany.

Geography[change | change source]

Niederraunau (Elevation 518 m) is in the valley of the little river Kammel two kilometres south of Krumbach in the natural region Lower Iller-Lech Gravel Plateau. The hills between the valleys of Kammel and the neighboring valleys of Günz and Mindel are covered with wood in parts. Niederraunau has a station at the Mittelschwaben Railway and it is at the Bundesstraße 16.

History[change | change source]

between 1100 and 1200: Niederraunau was founded
1494-95:the village got the right to hold a market
1613: the place got a coat of arms
1978: since this year Niederraunau is a quarter of the town Krumbach; before this time the village was an own municipality;

Sights and Attractions[change | change source]

Coordinates: 48°13′26″N 10°22′45″E / 48.22389°N 10.37917°E / 48.22389; 10.37917