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Developer(s)ANYCOLOR Inc.
Initial release8 February 2018; 4 years ago (2018-02-08)
Available in5 languages

Nijisanji (にじさんじ) is an online Japanese video sharing social networking service for iPhone X.[1][2] It is a group of mostly Live2D-only Virtual YouTubers who are also known as "Virtual Livers" (バーチャルライバー Bācharu Raibā) when posting on sites outside of YouTube, such as NicoNico Douga, Twitch and Bilibili. The term Liver, coined by mixing Japanese and English, is a heteronym for calling Nijisanji's streamers.[1][2][3][4][5]

Managed by ANYCOLOR Inc. (formerly known as Ichikara Inc. until May 16, 2021), NIJISANJI started in Japan in February 2018 as one of the first major VTuber agencies. Their focus on livestreams set its members apart from other early VTubers, such as Kizuna Ai or Kaguya Luna, who primarily made prerecorded videos. This, as well as the use of Live2D over expensive 3D, led to NIJISANJI's success in the Japanese market and codified the current VTuber format of Live2D streaming.

Since 2019, NIJISANJI has also expanded to international markets such as China, Indonesia, South Korea, and English-speaking countries. As of March 2022, there are a total of 211 members across five different branches: 110 Japanese NIJISANJI members, 19 NIJISANJI ID members, 15 NIJISANJI KR members, 20 NIJISANJI EN members, and 47 members of VirtuaReal, a joint venture Chinese branch between Bilibili and ANYCOLOR. There are also 5 VirtuaReal Star and 20 VirtuaReal Link members, but these are independent VTubers partnered with VirtuaReal rather than true VirtuaReal members.

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