Nina Badrić

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Nina Badrić

Nina Badrić (born 4 July 1972) is a Croatian pop singer. She was born in Zagreb, Croatia.[1] At age 9 she started singing with the children's choir Zvjezdice. At age twenty she signed a singing contract.[1] Her version of "I'm so Excited" from her second album was number one on pop charts in Italy, Spain and France.[1] Badric is one of the most award-winning Croatian musicians.[2] While not commonly heard in the west, she is popular in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia and Turkey.[2]

Discography[change | change source]

Studio albums[change | change source]

  • Godine nestvarne (Croatia, 1995)
  • Personality (Zg Zoe Music, 1997)
  • Unique (Croatia, 1999)
  • Nina (Croatia, 2000)
  • Ljubav (Aquarius, 2003)
  • 07 (Aquarius, 2007)
  • NeBo (Aquarius, 2011)

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