9 (number)

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8 9 10
Cardinal nine
Ordinal 9th
Numeral system nonary
Factorization 32
Roman numeral IX
Unicode symbol(s) Ⅸ, ⅸ
Greek prefix ennea-
Latin prefix nona-
Binary 10012
Ternary 1003
Quaternary 214
Quinary 145
Senary 136
Octal 118
Duodecimal 912
Hexadecimal 916
Vigesimal 920
Base 36 936
Arabicl ٩
Armenian numeral Թ
/Korean numeral
九 (jiu)
玖 (formal writing)
Devanāgarī (Nao)
Greek numeral θ´
Hebrew numeral ט (Tet)
Tamil numeral
Telugu numeral
Thai numeral
Pronunciation of the number 9

Nine is the Arabic number which comes after 8 and before 10. It is an odd number, and is the highest single-digit number. It is also a square number. In Roman numerals, nine can be written as IX.