7 (number)

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6 7 8
−1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Cardinal seven
Ordinal 7th
Numeral system septenary
Factorization prime
Prime 4th
Divisors 1, 7
Roman numeral VII
Roman numeral (unicode) Ⅶ, ⅶ
Greek prefix hepta-/hept-
Latin prefix septua-
Binary 1112
Ternary 213
Quaternary 134
Quinary 125
Senary 116
Octal 78
Duodecimal 712
Hexadecimal 716
Vigesimal 720
Base 36 736
Greek numeral Z, ζ
Arabic ٧,7
Persian ٧ - هفت
Chinese numeral 七(qi)
Devanāgarī (saat)
Hebrew ז (Zayin)
Pronunciation of the number 7

The number seven is a natural number that comes after six and before eight. In Roman numerals, it is VII.

Mathematics[change | change source]

In mathematics, the number seven is an odd number and a prime number. It is also a Mersenne prime.

In the world[change | change source]

  • There are seven colors in the rainbow.
  • The atomic number of nitrogen.
  • The number of horizontal rows of elements in the periodic table.
  • There are seven holes in human body
  • Seven seances (NOT FIVE) Sixth seance generally used and the dream we see or revelation the seventh one.
  • Seven gates of heaven (QUR'AN 15th chapter AL-HIJR verse 44)915:44)
  • A person undergoes through seven stages before his birth.
  • Seven days in a week
  • Seven seas and seven continents.
  • Seven stages in education system.(Kinder garden, Primary school, Secondary school, High school..Bachelors, Masters and finally Doctorate)
  • seven layers of atmosphere
  • Seven earth crust
  • Seven musical nodes.
  • Seven major parts of the human body (2 legs, 2 hands, trunk,neck and head)
  • Civilization cycle seven thousand years) (From one ADAM to next ADAM )(ADAM the first person to get revelation to come out of caves and built a hose with a roof, door and window)
  • A person can not fold a paper more than seven times ( Means : first time a sheet into two)(,second time two into four)(.3rd time 4 into 8)(,4th time 8 into 16.)(5th time 16 into 32)(6th time 32 into 64)(and finally and with very difficulty 64 into 128th time) This is the limitation of a human being and he we boosts.
  • Seven is a perfect number.