Ninja Kiwi

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Ninja Kiwi
Type of businessPrivate
Type of site
Video gaming service
FoundedAuckland, New Zealand (2006)[1]
OwnerNinja Kiwi
Founder(s)Chris Harris
Stephen Harris
IndustryVideo games
Launched2006 (2006)
Current statusActive

Ninja Kiwi, which was previously known as Kaiparasoft Ltd, is a mobile and online video game developer founded in Auckland, New Zealand.[2] It was founded in 2006 by brothers Chris and Stephen Harris.[2]

Ninja Kiwi's first game was a browser based game called Cash Sprint, developed on the Adobe Flash Platform.[1] Since then, they have produced more than 60 games across platforms including Adobe Flash, Android, iOS, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, and more recently, Steam. They are most known for producing the Bloons and Bloons Tower Defense games.

In 2012, Ninja Kiwi purchased Digital Goldfish, a Dundee, Scotland-based developer, for an undisclosed sum.[3][4][5] After merging Digital Goldfish to Ninja Kiwi, this increased the total number of Ninja Kiwi employees to 35.[5] By 2021, the total number of employees increased to 70.[6]

Ninja Kiwi has a virtual currency known as NK Coins. Players make purchases of games and in-game purchases by using NK Coins. About eighteen months before Mochi Media's parent company disappeared, Mochi Media discontinued its virtual currency (Mochi Coins), and it was replaced with Ninja Kiwi's virtual currency.[7]

Ninja Kiwi was bought by Modern Times Group on 24th March 2021.[8]

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