Nokia 3310

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Nokia 3310
Nokia 3310 grey front.jpg
DeveloperNokia Corporation
First releasedSeptember 1, 2000; 18 years ago
Development statusAvailable
Made inUnited States

Nokia 3310 is an GSM mobile phone was developed for Nokia's Corporation can be announced on September 1999 at Mobile World Congress in 1999, Nokia 3310 can be release in worldwide on September 1, 2000, they were based for Nokia 3210 from the ringtones mini.

History[change | change source]

Nokia 3310 was announced for Nokia Corporation on September 1999 at Mobile World Congress in 1999, they were this Nokia 3310 has based for Nokia 3210, can announced released on September 1, 2000 in officially released for Nokia 3210 based.

News released[change | change source]

In January 2009, Nokia 3310 is free sales beginning, from the first Nokia 3310 is sales 8.000 thousand for United States and worldwide, in May 2013, Nokia 3310 was announced is Nokia 3310 2017 Edition at Mobile World Congress, Nokia announced Nokia 3310 2017 Edition can be released on 2017, the news released for Nokia 3310.

Variant[change | change source]

Nokia 3310 also known is 2017 Edition can be released on 2017, from news features cannot smillar like Nokia 3310 released in 2000, which Nokia 3310 has been sale beginning on January 25, 2009 in United States and United Kingdom, Nokia 3310 can variant released available on January 2017 before the first released is 2017 Edition.

Nokia 3310 can released for enterprise, business, people and home, also known just Nokia 3310 for ringtones music, ringtones startup and more, Nokia 3310 can use for Wireless LAN is SIM card, from the Nokia 3310 memory is 30MB and 512MB.

Design[change | change source]

Nokia 3310 was an Gresso 3310 Titanium in work process in January 1999, by Risso Kwan

Also known in Nokia 3310 was renamed Gresso 3310 by Risso Kwan on January 1999 after released, the virtual workgroup can process for design in Nokia 3310 was use for home and businessman, there one years ago, Nokia 3310 has changed for Gresso Titanium, design ensure for Nokia 3310 support partner in worldwide. Nokia 3310 can use for PIN card and SIM card can be use for virtual workgroup.

Nokia 3310 in grey back

In 2000, Gresso 3310 can renamed is Nokia 3310, the partner rules for Nokia Connecting Peoples, there known is Nokia 3310 can partner support for required everything features and more, which Nokia 3310 was process for Risso Kwan in January 1999 workgroup.

Reception[change | change source]

Nokia 3310 was performance in HMM Technical Nokia on January 2006, before Chairman say : ''Also known can reach the news mini phone is Nokia 3310, but was together'', but was not real ringtones inside, Nokia 3310 can be use for Technical process on May 2006 in New York City.

Chairman Risso wrote : ''Why too long for Nokia Connecting People, but was you tonight'' in free mistaken on May 2009 at Mobile World Congress build 2009 in 2009, the first state can reach Nokia 3310 can first officially released for Gresso 3310, in July 22, 2009, Nokia 3310 was performance Nokia Tonight in Hollywood, California and Universal City, Nokia 3310 was producted for Universal Studio in Nokia Corporation and Nokia Connecting Peoples can reach for sale beginning in Universal Shop on July 25, 2009.

In August 12, 2009, Nokia 3310 can sale beginning launch for one device in Mobile World Congress, can producted buying on worldwide in sale on September 2009, in July 2010, Nokia 3310 by Nokia was producted changed for Microsoft workgroup, during not ensure for Nokia 3310, this partner can buying in worldwide on at home in October 2009 from Nokia 3310 Shopping in Nokia Connecting Peoples and Nokia Corporation.

Sales[change | change source]

Nokia 3310 (left) Nokia 3310 2017 Edition (right)

Before on August 2010, Nokia 3310 was sale beginning use for 25,4% peoples can buying Nokia 3310, from Hollywood in California. Nokia 3310 can reach the based for The Nokia 3210 on May 4, 2011. Nokia 3310 can reach officially can be released the news 2017 Edition was announced on January 2006 and March 2006 at Mobile World Congress.

Legacy[change | change source]

Nokia 3310 in partner for ringtones music and officially released for Nokia 3310 2017 Edition can be released on January 2017, Nokia 3310 can leaked for legacy is memory 512MB for free officially, in January 2017, from Nokia 3310 released 2000 and Nokia 3310 2017 Edition can be reach of 23,2%.

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