Nokia 3310 (2017)

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Nokia 3310 (2017)
Nokia 3310 (2017 Edition).jpg
DeveloperNokia Corporation
First releasedFebruary 26, 2017 (2G)
Operating systemNokia 3310, in September 1, 2000

Nokia 3310 (2017) is an smartphone was iducle for Nokia 3310 released on September 1, 2000, but this smartphone was announced on August 19, 2016 at Mobile World Congress. Also known is Nokia 3310 (2017 Edition), can be release on February 26, 2017 in Nokia 3310 2017 Edition in 2G. Nokia announced on 3G can be release on October 29, 2017, the first release version development for Nokia 3310 in 2000.

Developmental history[change | change source]

Channel of Nokia 3310 developer[change | change source]

In July 2009, Nokia 3310 developer release for Nokia Mobile World Congress, for officially smartphone can be announced for developer New Channel on December 4, 2009. In May 2, 2010. Nokia 3310 can announced from the news smartphone in 2G and 3G, during smillar to Nokia 6300 4G, from New Channel and starting from Mobile World Congress, Risso say, we're never to like Nokia 3310 miniphones, from icon free in Nokia 3310 2G and 3G.

Reception and announced[change | change source]

In July 2011, Nokia announced free for Nokia 3310 2G was renamed is Nokia 3310 4G Edition, also like producted for Microsoft Corporation in American on August 17, 2011. In September 2011, Nokia 3310 4G was announced is Nokia 3310, the free must be for 2G Internet can wrote by Rito.

In Rio de Janiero on Brazil can be release for Nokia 3310 2G on December 18, 2012. In January 2013, Nokia 3310 can renamed the released for Nokia 3310 2017 Edition can announced in schedule August 19, 2016.

Nokia 3310 2017 Edition can announced on Mobile World Congress in August 19, 2016, was tool renamed is Nokia 3310 to Nokia 3310 (2017 Edition), Rito say the Nokia 3310 2017 Edition is the release for smartphone like Nokia 3310, which was 2G internet and Start screen was begin, which also games is Snake Xenzia and more.

Released[change | change source]

Nokia 3310 (2000) and Nokia 3310 (2017 Edition)

In January 2017, Nokia announced for Nokia 3310 2017 Edition can be release for people for home, business and market in February 26, 2017, the news smartphone partner like for Nokia 3310 it was performance for Nokia 3310 2017 Edition is Mobile Technical Channel (MTC) on February 28, 2017 and March 2, 2017.

Before release, Nokia was announced the 3G can be release on October 29, 2017, the news 3G internet was like for Nokia 3310 (2017 Edition) in 2G internet Wireless LAN.

Hardware[change | change source]

The partner of Nokia 3310 has use for 256MB of RAM and gray back inside is Nokia logo, from memory RAM is 800MB and 512MB, from PIN since for producted Nokia Corporation, it was been for Nokia Connecting Peoples.

Memory of RAM Number of Names phone Image
2098MB for memory 234MB Nokia 3310 version 2.17
Новый Nokia 3310.png
267MB 298MB Nokia 3310 version 3.04
Nokia 3310 2017.png

Function and design[change | change source]

Back side[change | change source]

Nokia 3310 2017 Edition back

Nokia 3310 has a news back side from Nokia 3310 2017 Edition, from partner in one camera and inside for Nokia logo can sticker on Nokia 3310 2017 Edition, from inside option has been in PIN card and two SIM card in Viettel.

Function and made[change | change source]

Nokia 3310 2017 Edition has function at Los Angeles, California. Before by Rito function for Nokia 3310 2017 Edition also names is ''Redbrick'' for Nokia 3310 2017 Edition.

Legacy[change | change source]

Nokia 3310 2017 Edition in startup screen

Nokia 3310 2017 Edition has been an 4.09 GB for memory card, also in 2020, Nokia 3310 has buying for all shop worldwide also in 2017 Edition.

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