Nokia 7610

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Nokia 7610
Nokia 7610 02.jpg
First releasedMarch 19, 2004
Availability by region18 March 2004
DiscontinuedFebruary 12, 2007
BatteryNokia Dual 3300/90
ChargingNokia 7610 66MM
Development statusDiscontinued
Hearing aid compatibilityNokia Plus information

Nokia 7610 is an symbian series mobile phone was developed for Nokia Corporation, it was reach announced on 18 March 2004 at CNET and released on March 19, 2004. Nokia 7610 was user the features has designed by Jony Ive (designed from iPhone and more phone), as of January 2005. Nokia 7610 has untishipped from worldwide, official it was reach from performance is Take The Nokia 7610 at CNET Tour World.

In January 2013, Nokia 7610 by Nokia has an 400% peoples use Nokia 7610, it was later after discontinuation on February 12, 2007 in 4 month ago, Nokia 7610 has reach from 500% sales in series mobile phone from the world, Nokia 7610 has discontinued from website and deleted support lifecycles from mobile phone on February 12, 2007, 4 month ago after few day release Nokia 7610.

Release[change | change source]

In May 2003, Nokia 7610 has beginning from worldwide, was released in 2004, fifth day ago has released from Nokia 7610, as of December 4, 2003. Nokia 7610 stated from Nokia has released from news mobile device is Nokia buttons and keyboard, also Nokia 7610 has features from the Beta Mine has announcement on April 14 and April 15, 2004 at CNET Tour World in Burbank, California.

Before day ago, Nokia 7610 has rushed from news released has an helicopter, announcement has an 400 and 5000 peoples in performance, Nokia 7610 has released for USA on February 17, 2004 after performance. On February 28, 2004. The Wall Street Journal was wrote is Maybe can fine, taken from the world has choice for Nokia 7610 mobile phone, Nokia 7610 has released for availability on March 19, 2004.

Hardware and functions[change | change source]

Camera[change | change source]

Nokia 7610 camera has shot on 407m, inside camera can choice taken pictures, Nokia 7610 camera has designed from like mobile phone has an more thing features in Nokia 7610.

Keyboard[change | change source]

Nokia 7610 keyboard has choice from number and letters, in 60 letters and 9 numbers. However, Nokia 7610 keyboard can choice from send emails, calling from phone and incoming call.

Hardware[change | change source]

Nokia 7610 has reach from 256MB in Nokia, pubilc released designed in Nokia Corporation, Nokia 7610 has sixteen storage card and memory card, Nokia 7610 has more on 512MB in x64 device and 605MB in x87 device from Nokia 7610.

Reception[change | change source]

The CNET announced was Nokia 7610 has beginning untishipped in Spain and France on March 15, 2006. Nokia 7610 has since from better in beginning from mobile phone, however, Risto Siilasmaa say never begin from Nokia 7610 mobile phone better nows. The Wall Street Journal has an announced from untishipped Nokia 7610 has expired in January 2007, two day ago after discontinuation.

In February 11, 2005. Nokia 7610 has pubilc designed is Nokia 7610e and 7610i has fake released, Nokia 7610 in however from Nokia Corporation can pubilc can smillar to Change World Tour and World from Nokia Love has announced on February 15, 2005.

Also Nokia 7610 has size from comparison from all ringtones mobile phone

Discontinuation[change | change source]

In February 12, 2007, few 4 month ago after released and performance. Nokia 7610 has discontinuation from website and worldwide, has an 7000 thousand dong from use Nokia 7610 in January 2013, Nokia 7610 has deleted from support lifecycles in website for mobile phone, Nokia 7610 website has launched from Wayback Machine in Nokia Corporation rushed on March 19, 2004, after released.

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