Nokia 7650

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Nokia 7650
Nokia 7650 01.jpg
First releasedJune 29, 2002; 20 years ago
Availability by regionJune 2002
DiscontinuedJanuary 30, 2007; 15 years ago
PredecessorNokia 7700, Nokia 7710
Operating systemNokia 6300 and Nokia 6230
Made inUnited States

The Nokia 7650 is an mobile phone that was developed for the Nokia Corporation. It was announced on June 3rd, 2002. The phone was released on June 29, 2002 and was discontinued on January 30, 2007. It's the predecessor of the Nokia 7700 and Nokia 7710.

Development history[change | change source]

The production of the Nokia 3395 was discontinued on April 2, 2002 in the United Kingdom and Canada. In North America, The Nokia Corporation started developing a new phone on May 6, 2002 and announced it on May 10, 2002. The name reveal and the development of the Nokia 7650 was announced at the Mobile World Congress on June 3, 2002. The Nokia 7650 contained a new user interface, and was released on June 29, 2002.

Discontinuation[change | change source]

In January 30, 2007, after the release of the Nokia 6300, Nokia Corporation stopped selling the Nokia 7650 worldwide.

Functions and design[change | change source]

CD-DVD and interface[change | change source]

Nokia 7650 can use a CD-DVD Drive in fuel and business computers, and it was also based off the Nokia 6230, Nokia 6303 classic and Nokia 6700 classic. Nokia 7650 has a swype keyboard and two call buttons.

User interface[change | change source]

The Monterey Bay in Monterey, California taken by a Nokia 7650.

The Nokia 7650 can use two Dual SIM cards or memory cards. Also with the swype keyboard, on which someone can swipe out the words you want to text with a finger, it's possible to dial, call, take photos and more much quicker than the normal type of phone keyboard.

Reception[change | change source]

The Nokia 7650 performed well as The Verge claimed on June 8, 2003 in Los Angeles, California.[source?] In June 7, 2009, Nokia's CEO at the time, Risto Silasmaa, remarked how it was launched for businesses, banks, and families.[source?]

Business[change | change source]

In July 2003, the Nokia 7650 was bought 29% of the time with its functions and design. In August 2004, it was bought 80% of the time. In June 2006, it was bought 7% of the time.

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