November 2016 UK Independence Party leadership election

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Nuttall easily won the election.

The November 2016 UK Independence Party leadership election was held on 28 November 2016. UKIP members voted for who they want to lead the party. Paul Nuttall easily won the election after receiving 63% of the vote.

The election was called for after Diane James resigned as UKIP leader.[1]

Candidates[change | change source]

Withdrawn[change | change source]

These candidates left the race before the election.

Results[change | change source]

Pos. Candidate Votes %
1 Paul Nuttall 9,622 62.60%
2 Suzanne Evans 2,973 19.34%
3 John Rees-Evans 2,775 18.05%
Total 15,370 100%

References[change | change source]

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