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European White Water-lily (Nymphaea alba)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Nymphaeales
Family: Nymphaeaceae
Genus: Nymphaea

About 50 species, including:
Nymphaea alba - European White Water-lily
Nymphaea amazonum
Nymphaea ampla
Nymphaea blanda
Nymphaea caerulea - Egyptian Blue Water-lily
Nymphaea calliantha
Nymphaea candida
Nymphaea capensis - Cape Blue Water-lily
Nymphaea citrina
Nymphaea colorata
Nymphaea elegans
Nymphaea fennica
Nymphaea flavovirens
Nymphaea gardneriana
Nymphaea gigantea - Australian Water-lily
Nymphaea heudelotii
Nymphaea jamesoniana
Nymphaea lotus - Egyptian White Water-lily
Nymphaea macrosperma - Native to Australia's Top End
Nymphaea mexicana - Yellow Water-lily
Nymphaea micrantha
Nymphaea odorata - Fragrant Water-lily
Nymphaea pubescens
Nymphaea rubra - India Red Water-lily
Nymphaea rudgeana
Nymphaea stellata - Blue Water-lily (National flower of Sri Lanka)
Nymphaea stuhlmannii
Nymphaea sulfurea
Nymphaea tetragona - Pygmy Water-lily
Nymphaea tuberosa

Nymphaea is a genus of aquatic plants in the family Nymphaeaceae. There are about 50 species in the genus, which has a cosmopolitan distribution. The common name, shared with some other genera in the same family, is water-lily or waterlily.