Orthology (language)

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For the use in evolutionary biology, see Orthology (biology)

Orthology is the study of the right use of words in language. The word comes from Greek ortho- ("correct") and -logy ("science of"). This science is a place where psychology, philosophy, linguistics, and many otherwife fields of learning come together. The most noted use of Orthology is for the selection of words for the language of Basic English by the Orthological Institute.

The book, The Meaning of Meaning, by C.K. Ogden and I.A. Richards, is an important book dealing with orthology. The term Orthology comes from the book The Grammar of Science by Karl Pearson.[1]

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  1. Karl, Pearson (1893). The Grammar of Science. London: Walter Scott. p. 454. A fundamental part of logic is the study of the right use of language, clear definition, and, if needful, invention of terms -- Orthology.