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Osvaldo Bayer. Linz am Rhein, 1999

Osvaldo Bayer (18 February 1927 – 24 December 2018)[1] was an Argentine writer and journalist. He lived in Buenos Aires. In 1974, during the presidency of Isabel Perón, he went into exile, living in Linz am Rhein, Germany. An anarchist, he was a critic of the National Reorganization Process dictatorship (1976–1983).[2][3]

He also founded the Department of Human Rights in the School of Philosophy and Humanities of the University of Buenos Aires.

He worked at the newspapers Noticias Gráficas, Clarin and Esquel, a local newspaper in the Patagonian town of Esquel. In 1958 he founded La Chispa ("The Spark").

Bayer died on 24 December 2018 in Buenos Aires, at the age of 91.[4]

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