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Muscles of the male perineum-Gray406.png
The muscles of the male perineum
The muscles of the female perineum
Artery perineal artery, dorsal artery of the penis, deep artery of the penis
Nerve perineal nerve, posterior scrotal nerves, dorsal nerve of the penis, dorsal nerve of clitoris
Lymph primarily superficial inguinal lymph nodes
MeSH D010502
TA A09.5.00.001
FMA 9579
Anatomical terminology

The Perineum is the area of the human body found between the lower end of the vagina and the anus (in females); and the scrotum and the anus (in males). When a person reaches puberty, the size of the perineum is about one inch in length. During puberty, hair will grow around and on the perineum to protect it.

Inside the perineum-area are specialized muscles that perform functions of sexuality, erection and excretion.