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The human body is the body of a person. It is the physical structure of a person.

The body is a thing that can be hurt or killed. Its functions are stopped by death. You need your muscles and your joints to move.

Study of the human body[change | change source]

the parts of digestion.

Some people study the human body. They look at where it is different from or the same as other animals' bodies. These animals can be alive today. Or they can be extinct animals like other hominids. (Hominids are primates that are close to humans. Neanderthals and Homo erectus were hominids.) Some people study how the human body works and lives in its environment. Some people study what people think about their body. Artists study how to draw or paint the human body.

Fields of study[change | change source]

Many different fields of study look at the human:

  • Biology is a field of science. It studies living things. It looks at how the human body works. It studies how the human body came from evolution. It studies how genetics makes the human body.
    • Anatomy studies the parts of the body and how they work together.
    • Ecology studies the environment including how humans affect it.
  • Physical anthropology is a field of science. It compares humans to other hominids. It also studies all other hominid bodies. They look at how humans and chimpanzees are the same or different.
  • Psychology is a field of medicine. It looks at how people think and feel. The brain is part of the body. How we think and feel comes from the brain. So psychologists study the body. They study how the brain lets us be who we are.
  • Religion also talks about the body. Some religions see the body as where the soul lives. Some see the body as like a church. This is because a church is where people worship God. These people think God should be worshiped inside people. Some religions think the body is made from chakras that connect us to the universe.
  • Medicine sees the body like a machine. Doctors want to fix problems with the body. They study how to fix the problems, called diseases.

The human body and other animals[change | change source]

The human body is like other animals. The skeleton, muscles and other parts are very much like those of other primates. Our body is also like other mammals, and somewhat like other vertebrates. DNA differences follow a similar pattern. The human genome is closer to that of other primates than to other vertebrates, and closest to chimpanzee.

The blood[change | change source]

platelets are the tiniest cells in your body.There main job is to heal wounds.When you cut yourself,blood platelets act quickly to trigger changes.First of all they form a sticky lump to trap red blood cells.then they react with proteins in the plasma so that little threads produced. then platelets and red cells are trapped in the net of threads making a sort of plug to stop the bleeding. when it dries out a scab is formed and new skin grows underneath .zs

the liver

all the muscles in your body need glucose to help them work. some muscles ,like your heart and your lungs ,never stop working . others work only when they are needed .for example ,you use a lot of `muscles and energy when you play a game.but you dont need much energy when your asleep or when your sitting down watching television.

the brain

A healthy nervous system, people sometimes say that things are getting on their nerves or that they are a bundle of nerves they feel anxious bad-tempered or depressed if this happens too often your body. there are times when life is quite stressful Studying for exams being surrounded by noise or simply trying to do too much can cause mental fatigue it gets hard to concentrate and think of ways to make things better when


How nutrients enter your body.

Most DIGESTION takes place in the first part of the small intestine.

then the nutrients are absobed into

the heart

Your heart never rests.It started to beat before you were born and it will go on beating steadily throughout life.You heart is made of a specail type of muscle called cardiac muscle and it gets bigger and it gets bigger when you grow. It`sabout the same size as your clenched fist against ,and weighs about 250 grams.

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