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Detailed view of a human vulva (with anatomical features described): 1 - Clitoral Hood, 2 - Clitoral Glans, 3 - Labia Minora, 4 - Vaginal Opening, 5 - Labia Majora, 6 - Perineum, 7 - Anus, 8 - Mons Pubis

The vulva is a body part of female mammals (including women). It describes the part of the female genitals that are visible from the outside.

Anatomy[change | change source]

The main, normally visible portions of the vulva consist of two sets of fleshy "lips", known as labia. The labia majora are on the outside,and provide protection to the internal genital structures in the form of padding. The inner lips are the labia minora, they are connected to the hood of the clitoris and, function as both a covering for the actual vagina, or "birth canal", and to assist in the lubrication of the penis during sexual intercourse. What many people call the vagina is simply the vulva. The term vagina refers to the tube connecting the internal parts (the womb) to the vulva. Whereas men and boys have only one genital hole, women and girls have two: the vagina and urethra.

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