Pubic hair

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Female pubic hair
Male pubic hair

Pubic hair is that which covers the area around the sex organs. It is generally darker in color and stronger in texture than other hair found on the human body. The main purposes of pubic hair is to protect a delicate part of the body as well as to reduce natural odors from the sex organs.

Pubic hair appears during puberty in girls and boys. Beginning with only a few hairs, the area quickly fills out in a triangular shape making a thick patch of hair.

The growth of hair can go up toward the navel, but will always continue to grow down past the pubic region and ending at the anus (the hole between the buttocks). In females hair will cover the outer lips of the vagina; in males hair will grow around the base of the penis and lightly cover the scrotum (the outer sack containing the testicles).

Some people may change the way their pubic hair looks, by trimming or shaping it, although most people will continue to have a pronounced growth due to the relatively quick rate of hair growth in the area, as well as the desire to be seen as a mature adult.

Pubic hair is sometimes called a "bush," "nest," "pubes," or "curlies."