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Pinkel is a type of sausage that is common in the north of Germany. [1] It does not only contain meat, but also has non-meat ingredients. Its exact composition varies, but it is usually made of bacon, groats of oats or barley, beef suet, pig lard, onions, salt, pepper and other spices. It is the kind of sausage that is usually served cooked, with some form of cabbage.

Mostly during the winter months, it may also be used in Eintopf. Pinkel is a smoked sausage. It is eaten mainly in northwest Germany, especially the region around Oldenburg, Bremen and Osnabrück as well as in East Frisia and Friesland.

Sliced pinkel.
Grünkohl with (sweet) roast potatoes, Pinkel, Kochwurst, Kassler, and bacon.

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