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Povilas Tautvaišas (English: Paul Tautvaisas / Tautvaisis) (born 6 May 1916, Mogilev – died November 1980, Chicago) was a Lithuanian-American chess master.

He played twice for the Lithuanian team in the Chess Olympiads, at eighth board (+4 –8 =2) at Munich 1936 (unofficial Olympiad), and at fourth board (+5 –9 =6) in the 8th Olympiad at Buenos Aires 1939, during which World War II broke out.[1]

Tautvaisas returned to Europe, unlike many other players in that event (Najdorf, Stahlberg, Eliskases, Frydman, et al.). He took 5th, behind Birmanas, Arlauskas, Abramavičius, and Vaitonis, at the 1943 Lithuanian chess championship in Vilnius.[2]

Tautvaišas died in November 1980 in Chicago, Illinois from a heart attack, aged 64.

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