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President of the
Republic of Paraguay
Presidente de la República del Paraguay
Flag of the President of Paraguay.svg
Standard of the President of the Republic
Horacio Cartes con banda.jpg
Horacio Cartes

since 15 August 2013
StyleExcelentísimo Señor
ResidenceMburuvicha Róga
SeatPalacio de los López
AppointerDirect popular election
Term lengthFive years, non-renewable
Inaugural holderCarlos Antonio López
Formation13 March 1844
DeputyVice President of Paraguay

The President of Paraguay (Spanish: Presidente de la República del Paraguay) is according to the Constitution of Paraguay the head of the executive branch of the Government of Paraguay, both head of state and head of government.

The President is limited to a single five-year term.[1][2][3] it was ultimately rejected.[4]

The Presidential seat is the Palacio de los López, in Asunción. The Presidential residence is the Mburuvichá Roga, also in Asunción.

Once Presidents leave office, they are granted by the Constitution of Paraguay the speaking-but-non-voting position of Senator for life.[5]

The current President of Paraguay is Horacio Cartes, since 15 August 2013. He was elected in 2013.

Living former presidents[change | change source]

There are six living former presidents and one outgoing president. The most recent former president to die was Alfredo Stroessner (1963–1989), on 16 August 2006.

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