Ptolemy XIV Philopator

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Ptolemy XIV Philopator was the pharaoh of Egypt, who ruled with his sister Cleopatra VII from 47 until his death in 44 BC.

Biography[change | change source]

When Ptolemy XIII died in 47 BC, his younger brother Ptolemy XIV became Pharaoh with the help of his older sister Cleopatra.[1][2] Ptolemy XIV was around 12 years old when he became king.[3] Cleopatra and Ptolemy XIV were married, but she was still the lover of Julius Caesar. Some people think that Cleopatra had power and Ptolemy XIV was just a puppet king because of Egyptian tradition.[4]

After Julius Caesar was murdered in Rome in 44 BC, Ptolemy XIV died too.[5] It's not clear if Cleopatra killed him, but some people think she did it with poison made from aconite because she wanted her son Caesarion, who was born from her relationship with Julius Caesar, to be the next king. Cleopatra made Caesarion her co-ruler on September 2, 44 BC.[6][7]

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References[change | change source]

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Ptolemy XIV Philopator
Born: c. 59 BC Died: 44 BC
Preceded by
Ptolemy XIII
Arsinoe IV
Pharaoh of Egypt
47–44 BC
with Cleopatra VII
Succeeded by
Cleopatra VII