Puducherry district

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Puducherry district is one of the four districts of the union territory of Puducherry in southern India. The district occupies an area of 290 square kilometres (110 sq mi),[1] spread over 11 non-contiguous enclaves lying on or near the Bay of Bengal within a compact area in the state of Tamil Nadu. [2]

Demographics[change | change source]

Puducherry district's total population according to the 2011 census is 946,600.It is said that the population roughly equals that of Fiji and US state of Delaware. Literacy rate - 86.13% and Sex ratio is 1031 per 1000 males.[3]

Divisions[change | change source]

For administrative purpose, the union territory of Puducherry is divided into eight taluks.Some are Puducherry taluk, Villianur taluk, Ozhukarai taluk and Bahour taluk. Among these Ozhukarai taluk is the only taluk without rural areas.Puducherry taluk's rural area is covered in a commune named Ariyankuppam.Villianur taluk has two rural communes namely Mannadipet and Villianur. Bahour taluk consists of two rural communes namely Bahour and Nettapakkam.

Reference[change | change source]

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