Purple Mountain Observatory

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Purple Mountain Observatory
Purple Mountain Observatory
Purple Mountain Observatory
Alternative namesCradle of Modern Astronomy Edit this at Wikidata
OrganizationChinese Academy of Sciences
Observatory code330
LocationXuanwu District, Nanjing, Jiangsu
Coordinates32°03′54″N 118°49′47″E / 32.064946°N 118.829677°E / 32.064946; 118.829677Coordinates: 32°03′54″N 118°49′47″E / 32.064946°N 118.829677°E / 32.064946; 118.829677
Altitude267 m (876 ft)
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Purple Mountain Observatory is an observatory that uses telescopes to look at the stars for new objects in space. It can be found on Purple Mountain in Nanjing, China.

Many asteroids were found at the observatory. Among the asteroids found are the Trojan asteroids 2223 Sarpedon, 2260 Neoptolemus, 2363 Cebriones, 2456 Palamedes, and 3494 Purple Mountain.