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Kamtapuri, also called Rajbongshi is a Tibeto-Burman cum Indo-Aryan language spoken in India, Bhutan Bangladesh, and Nepal. Rajbongshi belongs to combined language family of Tibeto-Burman cum Indo-Aryan language family. According to a 1991 census, it was spoken by 5 million people.[1] This language is not a dialect of Bengali language or Assamese Language. It has her own identity. "Kamtapuri" language would be included soon under eighth schedule of constitution of India.

This is the native language of people of Cooch Behar, Lower Assam, Jalpaiguri, North Dinajpur, South Dinajpur, Terrai of Darjeeling, Upper Maldah, a portion of Bihar, Some parts of Bhutan, Bangladesh & Nepal.

Other names of the language are Rajbangsi, Rajbansi, Rajbongshi, Tajpuri, Surjyapuri, Kamrupi, Deshi Bhasha. Recently "Kamtapuri Bhasha Academy" (2017) is formed by West Bengal Government.

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