Raymond Nonnatus

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Raymond Nonnatus
O. de M.
Saint Raymond Nonnatus
by Antonio del Castillo y Saavedra, 1640
Religious, priest and confessor
Portell, County of Segarra, Principality of Catalonia, Crown of Aragon, (current Spain)
Died(1240-08-31)August 31, 1240
Castle of Cardona, County of Cardona, Principality of Catalonia, Crown of Aragon, (current Spain)
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Canonized1657, Rome, by Pope Alexander VII
FeastAugust 31
AttributesA Mercedarian friar wearing a cardinal's red mozzetta, holding a monstrance and a martyr's palm branch[1]
PatronageBaitoa, Dominican Republic; Moncada, Tarlac; childbirth; expectant mothers; pregnant women; newborn babies; infants; children; obstetricians; midwives; fever; the falsely accused; confidentiality of confession

Raymond Nonnatus is a saint from Catalonia. He was born in 1204 and died in 1240.[2]

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