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ReLoad is an album by Metallica. It was released in the United States on November 18, 1997 by Elektra Records. It went straight to No.1 in the Billboard 200. Three singles were released from it. "Better Than You" won the 1999 Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance. It was the last studio album by Metallica with Jason Newsted playing bass.

Track Listing[change | change source]

  1. Fuel
  2. The Memory Remains
  3. Devil's Dance
  4. The Unforgiven II
  5. Better Than You
  6. Slither
  7. Carpe Diem Baby
  8. Bad Seed
  9. Where the Wild Things Are
  10. Prince Charming
  11. Low Man's Lyric
  12. Attitude
  13. Fixxxer
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