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Religious violence

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A Christian girl was burned by extremists in Orissa, India in 2008.
Victims of a bomb, by Boko Haram, in 2014.
Indonesian armed forces evacuate people from Ambon, during religious riots, in 1999.

Religious violence means the religiously-motivated killing and/or injuring of people of one religion by people of another region.

The September 11 attacks are an example of religious mass-killing. In India, Hindu-nationalists often attacked Christians,sice the country became independent. This has happened periodically. The United States Department of State in its annual human rights report for 2006 noted attacks against the people of religious groups who are small in number.[1] State Department's annual reports on religious freedom for 2007 expressed concern over organized societal attacks against religious minority in India.[2] Some state governments in India have been accused of not effectively prosecuting those who attack religious minorities.[2]

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